Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing
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Expert operators employing the most up to date technology and practical know-how for foundation repair and basement waterproofing. New Jersey’s most trusted water management company.

    We proudly serve people across the state of New Jersey when they experience any of these water management problems.

    • White Powder on Wall
    • Mildew or Fungus
    • Rust – base of furnace, water tank
    • Dry Rot
    • Basement dampness
    • Buckling Wall
    •  Damp Odor
    • Warped Paneling
    • Peeling Paint

    Basement Waterproofing New Jersey

    We have more than half a century of experience at saving basements from water damage. Our team is highly trained and expert in installation of protective systems like drainage sump pump systems, vapor barriers and dehumidifiers.

    Foundation Repair
    New Jersey

    Damage to your foundations can be one of the most difficult repair jobs out there. Our skilled team is fully licensed across the state to work on the causes of foundation damage as well as resolve existing problems. We’re proud to use US made products in our work.

     Our industry leading results are testament to our high-quality workmanship and professionalism.


    We pride ourselves on our professional service and quality work, and our results speak for themselves


    Waterproofing is something that our team are experts in, but there are a number of different aspects of it, including work to the exterior of your house as well as work on the inside.
    Exterior work can take the form of sump pump installation. Our basement waterproofing team can help to landscape your yard area to improve drainage, and the sump pump can then move the excess water away. This stops water from collecting and causing damage because it can’t flow freely.
    Work on the inside of a house often means that the damp has already made its way inside. While this is bad news, it’s not the end of the world as our team is skilled in installing vapor barriers and other equipment that can help get the water that has seeped in back outside.

    The rain in New Jersey is never going to let up completely, but there are small changes you can make that will help avoid dampness in the basement. Keeping water from building up is the first step: regularly clean your gutters as this will help them work more effectively. There are dehumidifying technologies that can help if there is dampness in the air, but it may already be too late if that is the case. If you notice damage to your walls, or mold in your basement please call us for help. We have dozens of basement waterproofing solutions.

    Water damage is common across the state of New Jersey, both in the cities and in rural areas, due to the climate here. When rain and snow fall they can cause the ground to expand and this can damage the walls of your basement. Mold can be a first sign that something is wrong as it can take hold in the cracks in the walls. Not only can this damage worsen and reduce the value of your home, it can also be very bad for your health. Waterproofing your basement is the best defence against this all too common problem.

    While you might not always have water inside your basement, our expert basement waterproofing services in New Jersey will use both interior and exterior solutions to help you protect yourself on a longer term basis. This provides a much higher level of protection than just exterior work.

    A foundation is perhaps the most crucial part of your home. It is quite literally what everything else on your property depends on and for this reason it’s very important that any foundation repair work is carried out by trained experts. Although made of strong material, the foundation is still susceptible to damage.

    Foundations take the weight of the house, and keep it structurally sound. They tether it to the earth and stop natural disasters being even more disastrous. They are also crucial in protecting your home against water from the soil.
    Across New Jersey there are basement walls within the confines of a foundation. This additional area means there are more parts that can be damaged, and more that might need to be repaired.

    The good thing is that it’s normally quite easy to tell if your foundation needs repairs. You can check for the following to determine whether you need to call in our experts:
    ● Fissures on the basement walls

    ● Standing water or high levels of moisture in the basement

    ● Mold

    ● Doors that are not opening or closing as they used to

    Foundations are extremely strong by necessity, but they can and do need repair and maintenance.
    Our leading team of experts in New Jersey see some of these common issues as part of their foundation repair work.
    ● Sinking foundations: these can be common in a modern home, but for older buildings can point toward some much bigger problems.

    ● Upheaval: changes in the ground can sometimes cause the foundations to rise rather than sink. This is just as serious and it’s best to call us in for foundation repair work right away if this happens.

    ● Cracks: the most common of all problems, cracks can appear when water begins to seep in from outside. It can cause a number of problems for both home and health, so seek expert advice immediately.

    The rain and cold weather are nearly always the main causes of foundation repairs being needed across the state. The impact of this weather on the ground around the home causes expansion, which can move or damage the foundation – this allows water to get inside much more easily.