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    Properties in Delaware can benefit from our expertise if they suffer from any of these problems:

    • DRY ROT


    Sump pump systems, French drains, vapor barriers: our expert team collectively has over half a century of experience installing superior interior drainage solutions that help homeowners in Delaware to keep their properties free from damaging damp.


    With fully qualified, licensed and insured professionals ready to get to work in Delaware, our team can ensure that damage to foundations caused by excess water is quickly repaired. We use state of the art equipment made here in the USA to keep your home supported.


    Our work is our pride, and we treat every customer’s home with the respect and diligence it deserves.


    The foundation of a building is absolutely crucial to keep everything else standing. Without it the floors and walls would have no structural integrity and could collapse. This is the base of a home, and is usually constructed of a hard wearing material like concrete cinder blocks.

    Foundations take the weight of the rest of the house, so their strength is everything. They also keep the home connected and anchored to the ground – this is especially important in areas with bad weather! They also – importantly – protect the home from moisture entering from the ground.


    In Delaware many properties have a basement which makes the construction of a foundation slightly more complex, as it includes walls as well as the base itself. While a basement is a great asset, it means there is more to repair and maintain as a homeowner.

    Even with Delaware’s wet weather there are many things that a homeowner can do to ensure their basement stays dry year round. A key thing to do is to ensure water is travelling away from your building, so gutter cleaning is essential. Any damage you see on your walls should be repaired as soon as you spot it so it doesn’t get any worse. Portable dehumidifiers can be very useful, but for serious cases of damp make sure to call us straight away for a basement waterproofing consultation.

    Waterproofing a property typically falls either into the exterior or interior. Work taking place outside the building that leads to a waterproof basement might include landscaping to ensure correct drainage. We can also install technology that helps draining and expels the water via a sump pump.


    On the inside of a building waterproofing will usually involve collecting that water that does manage to sneak through and get it back outside using similar pump methods as on the exterior. Equipment such as vapor barriers can also be set up to good effect.

    Delaware’s weather ensures that a lot of moisture gathers in the ground, from rain and snow, and if you have a house in the state then you’ve got a higher than average chance that water damage could be a risk. When the soil is drenched it expands and this can cause damage to your walls, from cracks to serious buckling. It’s important to waterproof basements because these cracks allow water to enter and impact the interior of your property. Mold and its associated health problems can follow. For this reason you should always look to waterproof your basement.

    Here in Delaware, basement waterproofing often requires the use of both interior and exterior waterproofing strategies. This ensures that your home is as best protected as it can be and the long lasting effects of a dry home can be felt.

    Although they are made of very strong stuff, foundations are vulnerable just like every other part of a building.

    As experts in Delaware foundation repair, here are some of the things we see occurring most:

    Buckled walls, cracks, or fractures in the wall can mean that your house is vulnerable to the elements and to moisture getting in. It can cause mold problems and other very expensive issues. It’s best to call us as soon as you spot anything like this.

    Foundation sinking or settling – this is common in newly built properties, but if your building is a little older and there is sinking of more than an inch or two you’ll almost definitely need an expert to take a look.

    Alternatively, a foundation can be forced to go upwards when soil conditions change around it. This can cause problems throughout a building’s structure, so make sure you get it looked at right away.

    We’re often called to carry out foundation repairs in Delaware homes because problems have arisen due to the weather. Rain and cold weather can cause water around a building to gather and make the soil expand or contract. Movement like this can put a lot of additional pressure on a foundation – causing it to break or crack. When a foundation has a crack like this it will nearly always lead to water seepage.

    If there is a problem with your foundation you can normally tell as a problem here impacts all the other parts of your house. Look out for the following, as they are sure fire signs that something isn’t quite right:

    Chimneys that are broken
    Doors not closing as they used to
    Gaps forming around windows
    Cracks on the basement walls – inside or outside
    Standing water or condensation – any kind of interior moisture can cause mold!
    Cabinets and counters that have come away from the wall